The Only Affordable Fashion Finds That Matter, According to Celebs


Getty Images

If you’ve been thumbing through Instagram lately, you’ve probably caught some great celebrity outfits in your feed. Oftentimes the pieces celebs are wearing are prohibitively expensive or worn just for a red carpet appearance, but there are also some inexpensive hidden gems in the mix. And that, my friends, is where I’ve done some internet research and digging to pinpoint the best affordable fashion finds from celebs to try out for myself.

Ahead, I’m breaking down some of the best under-$200 items I’ve spotted on celebs recently. There’s everything from the $34 earrings Bella Hadid wore on a trip to Monaco to the $98 jeans Kendall Jenner wears on repeat to the $57 sneakers Rihanna found in the men’s department, plus many more. Go on to shop 10 stylish under-$200 pieces straight from celebrities’ closets.