I Don't Often Spend More Than $30 on These 5 Fall Wardrobe Staples


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I’m currently in the process of starting to build and plan my fall wardrobe. While I will save and invest in an item that has strong cost per wear (like a quality bag or pair of shoes), there are many items that I typically don’t like to spend as much money on. On that note, there are key fall wardrobe staples I’m into that I probably wouldn’t spend more than $30 on because there are so many strong, affordable options out there in the market.

That’s right. Here, I’m talking about everything from versatile layering pieces like long-sleeve tees to joggers to chic scarves. If you’re interested in adding a few autumn items into your offering, keep scrolling to uncover the general basics I’m adding into my closet, along with a range of inspired picks that may just catch your eye.

Layering Tops

I rely on comfy T-shirts, tanks, and thin turtlenecks to layer under cardigans and jackets. Fun fact: Many of the styles I like and the silhouettes I’m recommending to my friends actually do come in under $30.

Trendy Knits

While I will sometimes splurge on classic sweaters that are timeless (like my black cashmere crew-necks), I also like to try forward and trendy knits that you can sometimes score on the more affordable end as well to mix it up.


Joggers are more or less a year-round staple at this point. I’m looking for a fresh pair to wear for working at home and when I do go out for errands. Fortunately, there are a plethora of A+ silhouettes out there.

Long-Sleeve Tees

In the T-shirt realm, I typically always go for under-$30 styles because there are so many quality picks in the market that are comfortable and last.


I have one investment scarf I wear often because it’s timeless in nature, but I’m down to add a few more silhouettes into my arsenal as well.

Next, check out more affordable, stylish items.

Bobby Schuessler
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