This 3-Piece Outfit Formula Creates My Go-To Adult Uniform

As I've gotten older, some semblance of a personal style has started to emerge. While I love checking out the latest trends, I've landed on a set of outfit formulas that have served me again and again over the years. There's one in particular—a button-down shirt, jeans, and everyday shoes—that I keep coming back to. The combination always seems so effortlessly put-together and expensive looking. This look is especially reliable on those days when you want something easy and chic.

Since I've been reaching for this three-piece outfit formula repeatedly, I thought I'd browse the best online retail destinations to help you do the same. Soon, you'll have some solid pieces you can mix and match to create endless stylish looks. Ahead, shop some items you can use to build the ideal everyday combo for yourself.

Button-Down Shirt + Jeans + Everyday Shoes 

Button-Down Shirt



It's really hard to go wrong with a button-down top. Depending on your personal style, there are many types of button-down styles you can rock. From short-sleeve and long-sleeved varieties to crisp white and striped ones, the options are endless. 




A solid pair of all-American denim jeans will pair excellently with any button-down top for the ultimate take on an easy, casual look. Ahead, there are a wide variety of picks, ranging from a vintage look to black high-rise jeans.

Everyday Shoes



Top off this simple look with your favorite pair of wear-with-everything shoes. If you need some inspiration, I've found loafers and boots that'll do the job.