The '70s Called—They Want You to Wear This Denim Trend

As I was idly scrolling through my favorite shopping sites, something eerie happened. I couldn't tell if my under-caffeinated brain had me seeing things or if there was some sort of glitch in the universe, but as I made my way through retailer after retailer, I couldn't stop seeing the same dress pop up over and over. Yes, some might simply call that a "trend" but I was spooked—and determined to display the evidence that I wasn't actually losing my mind.

The culprit? A certain pinafore-style denim dress that seems to be plucked straight from the '70s. The button-front styles didn't discriminate when it came to the shopping sites and price points. From Farfetch to Zara and Reformation to ASOS, this return of this retro-cool denim trend is not-so-subtly hinting at the '70s. You guessed it: keep scrolling to shop this recurring style.