1950s Halloween Costumes We Love


Getty Images

Looking for the perfect retro Halloween look that’s equal parts playful and elegant? Think1950s. The decade was full of tea-length dresses, full skirts, and a whimsical take on fashion that was both refined as well as fun-loving, no matter your age. There were plenty of cardigan sweaters, nipped-in waists, Oxford flats, and eyewear that is still the envy of modern styles. Whether you’re picturing a prom queen, housewife, sleek greaser, or diner waitress, it’s time to try your hand at some 1950s-inspired Halloween costumes. Think the end-of-film costume change of Sandy from Grease and you’ll be well on your way to planning that look—or looks!—that will be the envy of all your friends. We’re so excited about this Halloween costume trend that we just might need to try out more than one. Check out our favorites of the year here.

Throw it back to the 1950s this Halloween with the above chic looks we love.