10 Warm and Cute Outfits to Wear in 40-Degree Weather

It's hard to think about 40°F weather when the current temperatures have barely hit 75°F. However, the changes of the seasons are inevitable and, with them, the changes in our wardrobes, as well. But what does that really mean dressing-wise? Allow the outfits below to refresh your memory and start prepping you mentally for what's to come. Whether it's puffer jackets and chunky knits or leather trousers and a decent amount of plaid, these outfits are perfect for when it's cold but still not cold-cold.

Stay equally warm and stylish with a monochrome outfit that includes a lush moto jacket and cozy layers.

No need for a heavy coat when your pair your cozy hoodie with your oversize blazer.

Your maxi dresses are 40 degrees friendly when worn over tights and cowboy boots and under plush bomber jackets.

Welcome turtleneck season with the biggest and brightest turtleneck in the market, and pair it with your trusty jeans. 

Mixing prints is nice, but sticking to one makes quite a statement too. 

You can't go wrong with an all-black look, especially if it has an animal-print twist.

Make your puffer jacket stand out (in a good way) by color-blocking it with your turtleneck sweater.

There are some 40-degree days where skirts are possible. Simply stay warm by balancing the look with a trusty coat and bright accessories.

Miniskirts are possible if paired with thigh-high boots and shearling jackets. 

Colorful Layers + Denim
40-degree-weather colorful outfits



Brighten up the coldest of days with colorful layers that will keep your mood (and your body) warm.

Winter might be coming, but you have everything (aka your wardrobe) under control.

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