A Little Bit of Jacquemus and a Lot of Nike: Welcome to My 2022 Aesthetic

Not to be trite, but the phrase "new year, new me" has certainly been applicable to me as of late. Theoretically, you don't have to wait until the beginning of a new year to change things up, but there's something mysteriously invigorating about ushering in a new year. Now, there's the urge to completely revamp everything in my life—from my cleaning habits to my daily step count. This transformative spirit also heavily includes what I'm wearing.

Along with building vision boards and jotting down goals, I've created a little fashion mood board to help me curate my aesthetic for the upcoming year. Admittedly, my style has fallen off a bit in the whirlwind of the holidays, so consider this my public effort to get it back on track. I gathered up all the images that piqued my sartorial interest, and they include a mixture of trends I want to try and outfits that push me out of my fashion comfort zone. Only time will tell if I can successfully pull it off, but for now, I'm relishing in the excitement. Keep scrolling below for a peek into what I have in store for 2022.

What's on my mood board…

There's power in an LBD, which is precisely why I have this look pinned to my board. I love how it's simple, seductive, and high impact all at the same time.

I'm a big fan of the streetwear aesthetic but have never fully committed to it in terms of my own personal style. This year, I'm diving right in with this look as one of my inspirations. 



Living every day in sneakers has its limits, so in 2022, I've resolved to wear more heels. These from Amina Muaddi are jaw-droppingly beautiful.



This look lives rent-free in my head. From the cool Balenciaga track jacket (which is a men's piece BTW) to the exaggerated Attico cargo pants and revenge heels, it feels decidedly fresh and modern. To be honest, I'm sure this image sparked my obsession with cargo pants.

It was the year of Jacquemus (as always), with this single-closure logo cardigan immediately going viral after its runway debut. A playful piece like this is an easy go-to when you're looking to make a statement.



Currently, juicy, bold colors are all I can think about, so I'm on the hunt for bright tones to break up my closet full of neutrals.

The key pieces:

Now that you've seen a snippet of my mood board, here all of the pieces I'm investing in to make my 2022 aesthetic come together.

The NYC-based brand is one of my favorite destinations to buy everyday pieces, and thankfully, a ton are on sale at Ssense and Net-a-Porter.

My colleagues love this sweater, so of course, it's on my own list.

I've been wearing loose pants for years, but now feels like the time to switch things up.

Dunks are a must for me this season.

Full disclosure: I've already purchased this jacket, and I've been wearing it practically every day.

This goes in the category of potent color.

These are a near-identical dupe to Bottega Veneta's $1020 satin cargo pants, and they look so expensive.

Haven't you heard? Tennis bracelets are trending hard right now.

Jacquemus is a master of seductive yet elegant dresses, including this one.

Since I moved to L.A., my boot collection has been lacking, and this pair will make a perfect addition. I would easily mistake these for being triple the price.

Add split-hem leggings and stilettos and you have a comfy date-night 'fit.

Owning a Sophie Buhai piece has been on my fashion bucket list forever. These dark jade earrings are stunning.

Since suit vests are still very much a thing, I have my eye on this chic one.

Don't worry. I'm also buying the matching cardigan.

In my goal to embrace more streetwear this year, I've enthusiastically added this set to my cart. 

Because baggy jeans are an essential at this point.

Taking a page out of Amina Muaddi's book, style this with a pair of camo cargo pants and heels.

You already know just one Jacquemus cardigan isn't enough.

I audibly gasped when these popped up on Nordstrom's website.

A common thread among my favorite looks of the moment is statement jewelry. I've never seen a pair of earrings like these, so you already know I'm intrigued. Paired with a neutral-colored turtleneck, these would be a look to remember.

Since I'm playing with baggier silhouettes, oversize tees like this come in clutch.

Risque cutouts are a must on my list.

Adding this to my everyday jewelry stack.