Every "Boring" Piece You'll Need in 2019

We love a compliment-earning, Instagram-worthy, "extra" piece as much as (if not more than) the next girl, but a wardrobe cannot live on those things alone. Those basics we can wear on repeat are essential to keep on hand. Otherwise you'll wake up every day uttering that same dreaded phrase: I have nothing to wear. The remedy? "Boring" pieces. When you hear "boring," you probably think of white tees and denim jackets, right?

Sure, those are certainly essential, but you already know that. What we're here to bring to your attention are those new "boring" items that may not be quite as obvious. These are trends that also happen to be as versatile (and somewhat unexciting) as basics, and they're gaining steam. We highly recommend adding them to your closet before 2019 arrives. Take our word for it and keep scrolling to shop every the 10 "boring" pieces you'll need in 2019.