Southern Girls Aren't Touching These 2018 Trends

Unlike most people who work in the fashion industry, I live in the South, which admittedly makes for a unique perspective and firsthand insight as to how Southern women dress. While I'm also originally from the South, I took a long hiatus to live in other parts of the country and feel like a bit of an outsider now that I'm back in this region. Because of that, I have a perspective to observe the distinctive style norms of the people who live there.

Generally speaking, people in the South stick to a fairly classic sartorial aesthetic. The new trends they usually choose to try aren't too far out of their comfort zones, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's something to be said for knowing what you like and sticking to it. That said, it always intrigues me to see which current trends Southern fashion girls are skipping and which they're trying. In this "extra" Hypebae world we're currently living in, there are actually quite a few trends that they're skipping in 2018. Find out what they are and what they're wearing instead below, according to an in-the-know fashion editor (me).

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