Your 2018 Fashion Horoscope Has Arrived, and It's Interesting…

Whether or not you pay attention to what your weekly horoscope predicts — which tends to be something along the lines of, “harness your inner love compass to attract the office stud” — you might be surprised to learn that the kind of astrology you’ll find in women’s magazines has a royal association.

According to the Smithsonian, the first horoscope column to appear in a newspaper was in August 1930 after the astrologer R.H. Naylor was asked by The Sunday Express to pen some predictions for Princess Margaret. He was later offered a weekly slot called “What the Stars Foretell” after his divination that “a British aircraft will be in danger” between October 8 and 15 1930 proved to be soberingly accurate when a plane crashed outside Paris on October 5.

It might be almost 90 years later, but horoscopes still haven’t lost their popular appeal. And if the stars can give cosmic guidance about what dates in the calendar month will be best for our job prospects/ love life/ bank balance then who are we to ignore them?

Now you’ve probably spent the festive period wearing enough crushed velvet to upholster a sofa. So what can the zodiac tell you about your new year wardrobe? Ruby Warrington is our chosen interpreter. She’s the former features editor of The Sunday Times Style and author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now-Age Guide for Chic Seekers and Modern Mystics, as well the founder of the cosmic lifestyle platform, The Numinous, and an online spiritual mentoring program called the Moon Club. I asked her to match up spring/summer’s 12 hottest trends to star signs. Keep scrolling to see how your birth date will inspire your new-season shopping list.


Aries: Big hats
(Image credit: Getty)

Aries is the sign that rules the head and stands out from the crowd, hence why the extravagant headgear of spring/summer is its style match for spring. They’ll all be aiming for the straw toppers from Jacquemus, which were less hats and more umbrellas, come summer, but ASOS’s flamboyant wide-brimmed number will work for now.


Taurus: "Ugly” shoes
(Image credit: Crocs)

Taurus gets high fashion so “ugly” shoes, be they crystal-studded Crocs, rubber-soled trainers or court shoes with socks attached (look them up stat) are all fair game this spring. Balenciaga sent Crocs that were rubber-glove-yellow and had a towering platform down its spring catwalk. Perhaps these Christopher Kane x Crocs pair are a good starting point.


Gemini: Clashing colours
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Colour-clashes were all over the spring catwalks - from lilac and primrose suiting at Céline to fuchsia and marigold at Roksanda - and Geminis will be attempting them IRL. They love to mix and match so should look for block-coloured separates to clash together or a printed dress that features two or three standout hues like this DVF number.


Cancer: Head-to-toe lilac
(Image credit: Victoria Beckham)

Cancers can embrace their calming side this spring with a hearty dose of Parma Violet purple. Lilac dresses and suits were spotted at Victoria Beckham, while a lavender-coloured blazer was the highlight at Céline. Make Ganni’s Julliard knit your spirit jumper this season.


Leo: Disco dresses
(Image credit: Getty)

You may have hung up your spangled party frocks for another year, but chances are Leos won’t have. They’re party girls through and through and, good news, are right on trend with their sequins and spangle if the Dior catwalk is anything to go by.


Virgo: Belt bags
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Everyone’s got a friend who they call if their phone gets stolen or card gets defrauded. If you haven’t then find out which of your friends is a Virgo and make them your go-to in times of minor crisis because they are super practical beings. So practical, in fact, that they will have loved the appearance of the belt bag, this season’s move on from bum bags that’s smaller in size and neater in appearance.


Libra: Dressed-up denim
(Image credit: Tom Ford)

What better way for Libras to play up their arty side than with dressed-up denim. Tom Ford’s indigo mini skirt and matching power-shouldered blazer is right up their aestheically-pleasing street. For now shop MIH’s playfully patchworked dress.


Scorpio: Elevated trench
(Image credit: Getty)

If any star sign is sexy and mysterious it’s Scorpio, which is why they’ll be stepping into an elevated trench for spring. It could be covered in spangled embroideries à la Alexander McQueen or given a shredded hem like at Loewe, but it’ll always have something a little extra about it (and you never you know if nothing is underneath).


Sagittarius: Sports shorts
(Image credit: Getty)

Shorts were the surprise hit of the spring catwalks, with Off-White, Dolce & Gabbana and Chloé celebrating the skin-tight svelteness of cycling-style shorts and Louis Vuitton opting for pairs with elasticated waistbands. Sagittarius are known for their sporting prowess so should try a pair this spring when the temperature improves.


Capricorn: Slouchy suiting
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Tailoring took on languid proportions for spring, with sleeves that swallowed the hands and trousers that brushed along the floor. Since Capricorns usually have one foot in the office, it’s worth updating their work wardrobes this spring to include an oversized blazer that can be draped over a slip dress. Joseph’s peony-pink version gets my vote.


Aquarius: Plastic
(Image credit: Getty)

The plastic bucket bags and knee-high boots seen at Chanel are surely this season’s It accessories, but just who is brave enough to wear them? Step forward if you’re an Aquarius, lover of all things futuristic and pioneer of PVC this season. Street style star Ada Kokosar has designed princess-style pumps that are wrapped in plastic and perfect if you can’t stand getting stains on your satin.


Pisces: Feathers
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Marques’ Almeida showed a coat of frou-frou feathers as part of its spring collection. The wisps of candy floss-pink added softness and romance, making it the perfect cover-up for a Pisces. Let anything feathery take your fancy this season, like these marabou-trimmed sandals.