Travel Diary: Aimee Song’s Dreamy Holiday Getaway in Sicily

Travel Diary: Aimee Song’s Dreamy Holiday Getaway in Sicily

Every place has a unique story to tell, and Sicily is a source of unlimited inspiration and beauty. No wonder the glamorous Italian island serves as a summer hideaway for a slew of top bloggers and fashion elite. One super-blogger in particular, Aimee Song, recently set off on a stylish Sicilian holiday with Dolce & Gabbana to discover the inspiration behind their iconic fragrance: Light Blue.  

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    A jetsetter’s packing list must be stocked with the essentials. (Fresh coconut optional.)

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    The first thing Song discovered upon her arrival? Her outfits coincidentally matched the natural scenery. It must be destino

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    The La Therasia Resort, nestled on the island of Vulcano, was Song’s enchanting hideaway for the duration of her trip. 

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    The colorful locals tell us that the Therasia is fashioned in lavic stone from Etna, Sicilian terracotta, and hand-made stones. 

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    Imagine waking up to blue heaven every morning. Just like a postcard… 

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    Not leaving this island until we’ve acquired the ultimate Sicilian tan! 

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    A narrow cobbled path leads you straight down to blue waters from the hotel. 

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    In a word? Paradise. 

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    A gorgeous view of the Mediterranean enhances an alfresco lunch of local vegetables, mussels, and of course, a bottle of vino.

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    Say cheese! The Song sisters pose for a stylish selfie at sea. 

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    Want to tune out the rest of the world? A float in breathtaking sapphire waters is one way to do it. 

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    Paradise found: Sicily is a great love of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and the Med’s serene waters served as the inspiration behind their iconic fragrance, Light Blue

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    Captain Song setting sail along the Aeolian coast (in a killer neon bikini, no less.)

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    Up ahead, a tiny boat explores a mysterious and ancient water cave. 

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    Song’s spa day consisted of a natural mud bath at the base of a volcano. No big deal. 

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    Black sand and a seafoam pedi inspired by the D&G journey. 

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    Where to next? 

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    Ciao from Sicily! A postcard-perfect trip calls for a stylish bon voyage.

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