7 Cute Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

Allyson Payer

True story: I moved back to the East Coast from Los Angeles last month, and for my first week and a half here, it rained every single day. Coming from a place where it rains once in a blue moon, I was thoroughly unprepared. Armed with a denim jacket and the closest thing I had to rain shoes (these Everlane loafers…), I felt like a fool surrounded by goulashes and anoraks. So it got me thinking about how I can legitimately dress for rainy days in the future—while still looking cute. Fittingly, I took to researching the rainy-day style of celebrities out and about in London and New York, mainly. The results of my research? A crop of fresh outfit ideas for the inevitable rainy days to come.

Click through to see what stars wear to look cute on rainy days, and to shop some of our favorite rainy-day pieces!

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