Peace Love Shea Shares Her Favorite Malibu Hotspots With Juicy Couture

The laid-back Los Angeles lifestyle is unquestionably appealing, so it’s no wonder that Juicy Couture is taking it back to its California roots this spring with a collection that is as every bit as cool and carefree as the city itself. 

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    With some of the best shopping, dinning, and coastal landscapes in the world, LA is essentially a big playground for adventurous types. So where should you go and what should you wear? Juicy Couture is giving you the opportunity to experience LA’s vast surroundings with help from its bright and effortless designs and blogger-curated city guides. Today, Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea takes you to her favorite hotspots in Malibu, and be sure to check out all of the guides for more secrets spots!

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    Half of the beauty of Malibu is the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. 

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    It's worth the trip even if you don't get out of the car, but at least stop along the cliff sides to shoot photos of the sunset and waves crashing below. 

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    Point Dume/Zuma Beach

    Zuma Beach is the go-to spot for a day on the sand with your friends. It's just north of Point Dume, the gorgeous bluff that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. 

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    Paradise Cove

    This private, popular beach boasts the only cafe right on the sand. Despite the entrance fee, it’s a definite must-visit in Malibu.

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    Neptune’s Net

    The casual locale is always jam-packed with barefoot surfers in wetsuits and dozens of motorcyclists, and it has been featured in countless movies. It's a bit of a drive, located at the very north point of Malibu, but definitely worth it—even if just for the people watching.

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    Neptune’s Net

    This restaurant has been serving some of the best fish and chips in LA for over 50 years. 

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