15 Gifts for the Girl Who Loves Her Cat More Than You

Allyson Payer

It may be a bit of a generalization, but we'll go ahead and say that fashion girls love cats. Just take a scroll through Instagram if you follow a lot of said fashion girls, and it'll undoubtedly be riddled with selfies with fluffy cats. If you want to get a girl who's obsessed with her feline friend a gift that she's guaranteed to appreciate, why not make it something that feeds into her love of felines? Luckily, we found a slew of stylish items that are perfect for cat lovers, some of them for her and some for the cat itself (happy cat, happy girl). 

Priced across all budgets, these gifts from the likes of ASOS, Gucci, Madewell, Catbird (naturally), and more are sure to please. So whatever your budget and whatever degree of cat subtlety you're seeking, you're sure to find something among these 15 ideas. 

Keep scrolling to shop the best holiday gifts for the feline-inclined!

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