These Are the Best Shoes for an Outdoor Wedding

Aemilia Madden


This time of year, your calendar and Instagram feed are likely chock-full of weddings. And while we can't deny the beauty of summery nuptials in a field somewhere, wear the wrong thing and you're in for a long night. Nothing, of course, is more important than the shoes, especially for an outdoor wedding. Since you'll be spending the day (or night) dancing away, having shoes that can handle your moves on grass or gravel is crucial.

Rule of thumb: Avoid stilettos. Skinny heels offer no support and will sadly sink into the dirt and likely get stuck. Instead, opt for some wider block heels. Not only is it more comfortable for you, but you'll avoid any spills on rocky ground. Luckily, there are plenty of pretty (and practical) heels you can wear to whatever weddings may be coming up next so you can enjoy the occasion without stressing out over busting a move.

Read on to shop our favorite outdoor wedding shoes, block heels!

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