If This Isn't Zara's #1 Summer Trend, Call Me a Liar



Search the term "yellow" on Zara's website and you'll instantly be rewarded with 526 results—that's a whole lot of sunshine. Chalk it up to Millennial Pink fatigue or the fact that come warm weather, we're ready to turn our outfits up to an 11, but it seems that Zara shoppers are ready to break out the sunny hue. Tap on over to the tagged photos on Instagram, and it's instantly obvious: a blazer here, a skirt there, another skirt, a bag, three blouses… dare I use the word prolific?

Though historically, many women have been intimidated to incorporate yellow into their wardrobes (including myself and my olive complexion), part of what's great about the sheer volume of pieces on Zara's website is that you're not beholden to a single tone. There's buttery yellows and neons too, so you've got lots of options. Below I've highlighted nine of my favorites so you can jump on this trend too.