This Is the Dress Trend Everyone Is Buying From Zara

Ever since Zara debuted its Best Sellers category last year, figuring out what the Zara shopping trends are is easier than ever. Sometimes the popular items at a given time are a bit all over the map, but other times shoppers are clearly on the same page. The latter was the case when we checked the Best Sellers page (as we often do) this week and saw that the dress trend everyone is buying from Zara is button-front styles.

This little detail may seem minor, but it has a surprisingly big impact on a summer dress. A row of buttons, big or small, lends a fresh, modern feel to any style, which you'll see from the dresses below. (Plus, the style looks excellent with sandals.)

Read on to shop button-front dresses straight from the Best Sellers section just like your fellow Zara shoppers are this season.