The 5 Microtrends You'll See All Over Zara This Summer

Zara is often considered the one high-street store that is the most responsive to trends, as it rapidly interprets the prints, silhouettes and colours that are bubbling up from the catwalks or Instagram. It is usually the best place to find those microtrends that will be everywhere in six months time, whether that's a pearl headband or an organza trench coat.

This summer, there are five microtrends I've noticed all over the homepage. However, given the stock-shifting power of Zara, these probably won't stay "micro" for very long at all. The most obvious one is organza, as you'll find everything from blouses to trench coats in this delicate, sheer fabric. I've also noticed lots of statement blouses with puffy sleeves and fitted bodices in punchy florals, as well as strappy sandals in neon and bold colours.

Zara, of course, has all the key trends of the season covered—from tie-dye to tonal outfits—but if you tend to lean towards the smaller trends, keep scrolling to shop the five microtrends Zara is backing.

1. Floral Statement Tops


(Image credit: Greceghanem/ LivingZara)

This summer Zara is really into the "jeans and a nice top" thing, and the nicest tops are the floral blouses that all have vibrant prints and oversized sleeves. This is an easy way to make a big impact.

2. Oversized Polka Dots


(Image credit: Ada Ogutodu)

Zara always has plenty of polka dots in every collection, but this season, it's using a more '80s oversized spot print (a look that has come synonymous with Princess Diana). Opt for the ruffled miniskirt if you want to go all-out '80s.

3. Metallics

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Metallics usually only hit the high street in November ahead of the party season, but this summer, many of Zara's pastel pieces come with a sparkly finish. Perfect for any evening weddings.

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4. Colourful Strappy Heels


(Image credit: Style Idealist)

One of Zara's key items of 2019 is the white strappy sandals pictured above, but the retailer is also creating a lot of bright sandals in neon green, bright pink and blue.

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5. Organza


(Image credit: Enis wardrobe)

Zara has also thrown everything it has got into one micro-trend this year: organza. Back in March, we said that we think the sheer organza blouses with oversized bows at the collar might be our favourite Zara item of 2019, and since then, the high-street giant has introduced more and more items in this delicate fabric.

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Emma Spedding