How to Avoid That Post-Workout Hair Look, According to Pros Who Sweat Daily

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough. Instagram influencers are constantly showcasing dreamy morning routines complete with pretty whipped coffees and 5 a.m. sweat sessions, but if you're like me, fitting in a workout isn't always that simple. Sure, at-home fitness solutions have made it easier than ever to break a sweat at our leisure, but there are still factors that make fitness an uphill battle. One big one? Hair.

As a naturally curly girl, I've got a bad habit of skipping workouts because I don't want to deal with the sweaty, tangled tresses that would result. And I know I'm not alone when I say the idea of ruining a blowout or twist-out is enough to make me hang up my running shoes and never look back. But the fact remains that moving our bodies is essential for countless mental and physical health reasons, so worrying about our hair shouldn't deter us from collecting those endorphins. Grab yourself a cute workout set, and get moving! We'll figure out the hair situation together.

If anyone would know how best to navigate post-workout hair, it's fitness instructors and athletes who are super active and sweat it out every single day. That's why I tapped four top professionals to get their best workout haircare tips for preserving healthy, happy hair all while crushing the fitness game. Keep scrolling for all their pro tips and favorite products. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Kendall Toole)

WHO: Kendall ToolePeloton Instructor

What is your hair type?

I have 3a curly hair with some 2c waves to it. To say it's dry and can be frizzy is an understatement. I surely don't make it better by bleaching it blonder than it is naturally. I usually go twice a year for some balayage to keep that California, relaxed blonde through my hair.

What workout activity do you partake in most, and how often do you work out/sweat?

Seeing as I'm a cycling instructor for Peloton, I am now mostly training on the bike. However, weight lifting, boxing, running, Pilates, and yoga all make up my cross-training routine. I am sweating daily if not multiple times daily, so keeping my hair healthy and protected is key!

What is your go-to workout hairstyle?

Simply because of ease, it's usually a mid-pony with a middle part. It's easiest to get my hair out of my face when I'm teaching on camera and still looks trendy enough to add a little extra vibe, and I do love how a ponytail pops around when I'm riding—just the honest truth! When I'm boxing, it whips around and makes me feel a little more fierce.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Marcia Meade)

WHO: Marcia MeadeObé Fitness Instructor

What is your hair type?

My hair is au naturel. The texture is kinky-curly, and it’s not processed at all. I trim my hair religiously every six weeks to keep the ends nice and healthy. 

What workout activity do you partake in most, and how often do you work out/sweat?

The workout activity that I partake in most is Pilates. Because it is low-impact, I don’t sweat a lot, but my roots do swell and react to the fact that my body temperature has gone up. After that, it’s big hair, don’t care, and I’m not even mad about it. 

What is your go-to workout hairstyle?

My go-to workout hairstyle is an updo, be it a low pony or a high topknot. I like my hair away from my face but still styled. I have fun with braids and twists and am not afraid to get creative with my tresses. I sometimes add a bit of magic hair (aka extensions) for drama. No matter the look, I’m always sure to slick my edges so that my 'do looks put-together.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Megan Roup)

WHO: Megan Roup, Founder of The Sculpt Society

What is your hair type?

I have dry, wavy hair that tends to frizz.

What workout activity do you partake in most, and how often do you work out/sweat?

I teach The Sculpt Society five to six times a week. TSS is a dance-based fitness method, and even the low-impact classes are designed to raise your heart rate and break a sweat. 

What is your go-to workout hairstyle?

You will usually find me in a high, curled ponytail or a ballet bun. I love the high, curled ponytail; it brings me back to my dance-team days, and a ballet bun always makes me feel more pulled-together.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Michaela Onyenwere)

WHO: Michaela Onyenwere, WNBA Player for the New York Liberty

What is your hair type?

My hair is pretty dry with super-tight curls and is very thick.

What workout activity do you partake in most, and how often do you work out/sweat?

Well, the obvious answer is basketball. I do something related to basketball pretty much every day.

What is your go-to workout hairstyle?

I wear a lot of protective hairstyles since I am an athlete and we are constantly working out and sweating. This makes it much easier for me and is both healthier [for my hair] and less time-consuming.

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