The 15 Fashion Words That Defined 2015

A time of reflection is what the end of year is for. And today, we’re looking back at the words and phrases that crept into our vernacular. When you group them all together, they look pretty ridiculous—did we really say ‘on fleek’? But truth is, we said them all.

Keep scrolling to see the 15 words and phrases that defined 2015 and then shop our favourite slogan tees.

Definition: Used to refer to your group of friends. It’s also used in an aspirational way—‘Squad Goals’.

Used in a sentence: “The whole #squad looking fresh.”

Definition: The same as ‘squad’. See above.

Used in a sentence: “I miss my tribe.”

Definition: Implies something is going to be exciting or awesome.

Used in a sentence: “Dion Lee’s summer collection is so lit.”

Definition: Technically an acronym for “Before Anyone Else” but it’s used as a way to fondly describe your significant other or anything you love.

Used in a sentence: “Bae looks so good in that Ellery dress.”

Definition: To insult or disrespect someone.

Used in a sentence: “My sister is throwing me so much shade because I won’t lend her my Valentino bag.”

Definition: Used to describe something that is perfect or flawless.

Used in a sentence: “Those cropped flares are on fleek.”

Definition: The same as ‘on fleek’. See above.

Used in a sentence: “Kendall Jenner is always on point.”

Definition: A way of being or feeling.

Used in a sentence: “The Chloé Faye bag has got me on that ’70s tip.”

Definition: Used to describe something horrendously obvious or boring.

Used in a sentence: “Those shoes couldn’t be more basic.”

Definition: To show extreme satisfaction towards something or someone (Tip: Scroll through the comments on any Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner photo) when you’re amazed by what you see.

Used in a sentence:

*Kendall Jenner at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015*

“Yas Queen!”

Definition: Anything that you are beyond excited about.

Used in a sentence: “Did you see Bassike released a new swimwear collection? It’s giving me life.”

Definition: Lost your ability to react in a rational manner.

Used in a sentence: “After I saw that Lara Worthington cut her hair, I had absolutely no chill.”

Definition: Used to describe a close group of people or your ‘people’. Also used to describe your actual family.

Used in a sentence: “I wish I was part of the Michael Lo Sordo fam.”

Definition: When a wave of emotion overwhelms you. Usually used to describe something superficial and not at all emotional.

Used in a sentence: “The new Givenchy store in Westfield Sydney brings all of the feels.”

Definition: When someone has reached their pinnacle and never looked or done anything better.

Used in a sentence: “Margot Robbie was the ultimate slay last night in that dress.”

What’s your favourite slang word of 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image: Adam Katz Sinding of Le21eme

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