Women Are Willing to Pay the Most for This Trend

When it comes to our closet, we all have certain things we're willing to splurge on, and researchers are catching on. A new report from Fung Global Retail & Technology and First Insight found that there is one trend women are willing to pay more for—and no, it's not designer shoes, it's athleisure.

The findings indicate that price resistance is increasing, but when it comes to leggings and sneakers, women are still up for paying close to the full retail price. "On average, across all womenswear categories tested between January 2013 and June 2016, consumers were willing to pay only 76% of full price," notes the study. However, due to the rising trend in athleisure, consumers are showing less resistance to higher pricing. "Consumers were willing to pay 82% of planned MSRPs for knit bottoms tested by First Insight, even though planned MSRPs increased significantly over the period." Looks like the more we spend on our favorite leggings, the more prices will rise because everyone seems a-okay with splurging on the comfy staples that can take us straight to the gym. 

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Opening Image: Anthropologie

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