9 Gifts for Every Member of Your Coven

This just might be the year of witchcraft—a unique ode to female affirmation that has gotten airplay everywhere from The New York Times to right here on The/Thirty. In the age of both #MeToo and empowerment by way of self-care, it's not difficult to surmise why this emphasis on ritualism and sisterhood has surfaced as a major trend.

Even if you don't necessarily subscribe to pentagrams and blood rituals—which we'll admit is totally fair—one universally applicable takeaway from this witchy sensibility is the invitation to consider your own magic. Introspection can be facilitated in many ways, and sometimes burning a little incense and flipping through a book of self-care "spells" is the way to get there. Find all the covetable tools for every member of your coven below.


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Victoria Hoff