9 of the Coolest Women I Follow Just Shared Their Spring Buys With Me

Ah, spring. It is finally, finally here. And not in that faux way when the weather teases us during February, which eventually turns to rain and leads us to pulling out the puffer again (even though you'd already packed it away). But thanks to the roadmap out of lockdown coinciding with better weather and longer days, you could say that our spring fashion senses are tingling. There's a lot of talk about how we'll all re-emerge into some semblance of socialising and what we'll wear. Personally, I'd advise taking it slow. You don't want to exhaust all that pent-up fashion energy and have nothing left for summer. But you might be itching to get back out there in a full ball gown, even if you're just sitting outside your local coffee shop. Do what makes you happy, I say.

If you are stuck, it's worth turning to the people in the know, aka those who spend a lot of time being stylish for a living. It will come as no surprise that I use Instagram quite a lot for work, so I follow more than a few thousand people on the app. But there are always standouts when it comes to fashion. I reached out to nine of the coolest women I follow to tell me all about the pieces they've got their eyes on for spring. There are plenty of ideas to glean from the following selections. Whether you're a minimalist or love classic French fashion, you're in luck. Keep scrolling for all the pieces they're hoping to get their hands on. 


Ali Tate
(Image credit: @ali_tate_cutler)

From sassy bustiers paired with jeans to classic button down shirts, Ali Tate runs the gamut of styles. @ali_tate_cutler


Jordan Santos
(Image credit: @jordanrisa)

Super chic with muted tones, Jordan Santos is one to follow if you're after minimalist inspo. @jordanrisa


Felicia Akerstrom
(Image credit: @fakerstrom)

Felicia Akerstrom is the ultimate comfy-but-chic follow to have on your feed. @fakerstrom


Cristina Gomes
(Image credit: @mcristinastyling)

If you're after a twist on classic tailoring, then look no further than stylist Cristina Gomes's page. @mcristinastyling


(Image credit: @fashionenth)

Get inspiration on how to build a sustainable, longer-lasting wardrobe with Eunice's tips. @fashionenth