These 30 Winter Date-Night Tops Pair Perfectly With Jeans

The 30 best winter date night tops to wear with jeans



Choosing a date-night outfit can be quite the undertaking—trying to strike the perfect balance of polish, personality, and romance. But throw in the chilly winter temperatures and you've got a real puzzle on your hands. Whether it's the first date or the hundredth, you want to feel like the best version of yourself, which can mean choosing between looking chic and staying warm in the winter. Given this weather conundrum, I find it helpful to have a tried-and-true outfit formula to fall back on when I find myself short on time while getting ready for the night. Enter the classic cute-top-and-jeans combo. 

Jeans are an outfit staple that pairs well with virtually any shoe style and any top, making them the easiest starting point for a date-night look. From there, the aforementioned "cute top" is key. This will be the focal point of the outfit once you arrive at your destination and check your coat at the door. After a few hours of scouring the internet, I'm pleased to report there's a plethora of chic tops out there that pair perfectly with jeans. Below are 30 pretty winter date-night tops to wear with jeans, from silky bodysuits to romantic silhouettes and unique necklines. 

Rosettes are having a major moment this year. 

Never underestimate the power of a sleek black turtleneck. 

Talk about a striking silhouette. 

This looks just as good with a coat as it does without. 

A classic date-night top if I've ever seen one. 

Does it get more romantic? 

The color! The neckline! The material! It's all just so good. 

Texture and cutouts—a match made in heaven. 

This draping looks so polished. 

When you want to be warm but also show a bit of skin. 

This one is all about the stitching details.