17 Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect for a Winter Wedding


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Generally speaking, planning a wedding is no easy feat, nor selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses—but if you have to factor in cold weather, well, it's just one more thing. And if there's anything we are Who What Wear like to do, it's give you a few fewer fashion things to worry about, and that certainly applies to such an incredibly exciting time as your wedding day.

To take some of the stress off of your plate, we decided to take it upon ourselves to scour the internet for the chicest bridesmaid dresses that, to put it simply, are perfect for your winter wedding. Plus, your bridal party will love wearing these—that’s a win-win situation if we’ve seen one. From simple slips and gowns to versatile wrap dresses, these will look so good lined up next to you during your nuptials. Keep scrolling to see them all below.

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Dale Arden Chong