The Reason Behind My Decision to Keep Interning

For the past month, I’ve been finding my feet as an intern within the Who What Wear Australia office—another experience that I will proudly add to my career wrap-sheet. One that reads as though it should belong to someone who's more than 24 years old. The reason for this? I’m hungry to try new things and keep learning.

Too often, a job that you once loved, turns into a 9-5 daily grind (#TGIF) with a lulled sense of stagnation that is fifty shades of mundane. I already work a 9-5 job as a careers assistant within the fashion industry, but I’ve also got the antidote to moaning about Mondays—it’s called learning.

I take it upon myself to learn more and more about the fashion industry and build relationships within it through interning—and so far, it has shown me that there are endless possibilities out there. Not to mention, it ignites a new sense of motivation and and ability to put my hand up for any new challenge, knowing that I can achieve it. I have many hats I can wear now, and in this industry, it is always better to accessorise.

Keep scrolling to read my key reasons about why you should keep learning and stay passionate:

Beginning something new is my own source of adrenaline. Forget extreme sports, just give me a new book and I’m done. We often think that it’s all about becoming an expert in something, but what happens when we master what we set out to accomplish? Is there nothing more for us? Is it the end of the road? It’s oddly depressing that it sounds so much like a dead end. Take note; successful people never stop taking in the new—they’re continually beginning again and tapping into opportunity. It might be through my role as a careers assistant, but I think to fully understand an industry, it’s good to get acquainted with as many roles in it as possible—and the fashion industry is no exception.

I find a job, just like a gym membership, has a distinct honeymoon period. When the buzz wears off, it’s harder and harder to find the motivation—regardless of the money involved. So just as we stalk Mansur Gavriel, waiting for that perfect bucket bag to be restocked, we should spend time learning from inspiring career-minded people and keep asking questions that propel us forward.

I admire Steve Jobs, not for his successes but more so for his failures.  It takes a lot to face off with failure and make an active choice to try again. I’ve been there plenty of times and you probably will too at some point. The key is to stay hungry and let your desire outsmart your self-doubt. As for the foolishness, it means keep your heart young, be daring and take that unexpected leap. So if you’ve always wanted to work in fashion? Find that internship and start asking questions.

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