The "Forever 21 Fix" I Refuse to Quit

Why I shop at Forever 21



If I had all the money in the world, sure, my life and wardrobe would look a whole lot different. But I don’t, and I do have to keep a budget in mind and I’m a realist and hard worker, so for me, when I want to spend my money, it’s typically on a vacation or a day at the pool or a damn good dinner. The other side of me (s/o to my fellow Geminis) naturally wants the latest, coolest new trend, but again, I’m a realist. So keep reading.

Through my shopping skills and conscious decision not to rack up my credit card debt (too much), I’ve learned to comb through affordable brands like Forever 21 to find the good-good that will give me a little style boost and still stay within my budget.

I’ve also never been the type to be embarrassed to admit where I purchased something because, at the end of the day, you dress to feel your best, and for me, sometimes that means hitting up Forever 21 for some fast-fashion finds. I like to call it my “F21 fix,” where every few months I’ll binge buy (and by binge, I mean maybe spend $100) a range of items, and whether it’s a pair of sandals or cute little top, it’s an instant way to satisfy my shopping itch.

I’d like to add that there’s a reason these items are called fast-fashion and I am in no way recommending clogging your entire wardrobe with quick buys, as I recommend balancing slow fashion with fun fast-fashion items. With that being said, shop the items I’m eyeing from Forever 21 below.