6 Pieces That Look Chic With the White Button-Down Shirts We All Own

As we highlighted throughout the seasonclassic button-down shirts have basically ramped up to be one of the most-talked-about basics and are staples in the wardrobes of many. Sure, they're inherently stylish, but they're also extremely versatile. In essence, white button-downs can be styled a multitude of ways and pair flawlessly with just about anything.

To showcase this further, we rounded up just some of the items the fashion crowd seems to be gravitating toward when styling their favorite button-downs. Ahead, you’ll find a range of chic outfit inspiration to try with your go-to blouse. You’ll also uncover a smattering of shopping recommendations if something does catch your eye.

1. Miniskirt

Into a more oversize white shirt? Team it with a trending miniskirt for a chic look. Bonus points for unbuttoning the bottom buttons for a current vibe.

2. Straight-Leg Jeans

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can't beat straight-leg jeans paired with a blouse. Also, we're all about the shirt off the shoulders and with a half-tuck.

3. Vest

How to wear a white button-down shirt with a vest



For a layered silhouette, toss an of-the-moment vest over your favorite white button-down shirt to make a statement.

4. High-Waisted Shorts

How to wear a white button-down shirt with shorts



Tucking a blouse into high-waisted shorts is timeless yet also "very right now" for the season.

5. Slouchy Blazer

How to wear a white button-down shirt with a blazer



Teaming a white shirt with a slouchy blazer is quite sophisticated if you need a sleek look.

6. Wide-Leg Trousers

How to wear a white button-down shirt with trousers



Yep, a white shirt can go with anything, including wide-leg trousers like this. Side note: very into the tied-shirt look for summer.