15 Friendsgiving Outfits That Are Chic, Cozy, and Feast-Friendly

Holidays are the perfect excuse to go all out with your outfits. However, when it comes to Friendsgiving, you also want to be extremely comfortable: You're definitely going to go for seconds, and mid-meal naps aren't off the table either. So even though you've been dying to finally wear those sleek leather trousers (or that investment belt you finally pulled the trigger on), perhaps you should reconsider. After all, finding an outfit that's both chic and feast-friendly is 100% possible. Below, we've highlighted 15 looks that hit all the right notes (and will ensure that you're comfortable even after you dig into that second slice of pie).

Try a dress over some trousers for a little extra room.

A polka-dot maxi dress might make you feel extra, but it will keep you stylish and comfortable.

Sneakers should be a given. 

Oversize sweaters for the win.

Showcase your cowboy boots when worn with a simple, loose-fit midi dress.

The softer the sweater, the better.

Dress to impress with a bold dress over your most comfortable jeans. 

Throw an oversize sweater over your go-to slip dress.

A slouchy button-down looks oh so cool. Especially, if it's velvet. 

Go for a pajama suit for the ultimate in comfort.

Lean into those fall colors.

Colorblock effortless silhouettes for an impactful effect.

So pretty! 

Don't sleep on a sweaterdress-and-moto-jacket combo.


If all else fails, go for a bold tights choice. 

Happy feasting!