I Survived My First Bachelorette Weekend With These 15 Things



Maybe I'm late to the game, but earlier this summer I found myself packing frantically late one Wednesday night—I was hopping on a ridiculously early flight to Miami the next morning to toast the wedding of a close friend. It was my first bachelorette weekend, and while usually packing is an easy task for me, I found myself stressing over what to toss into my carry-on. What does one actually do on a bachelorette weekend? I wondered. While I know it can vary based on your destination of choice (and, of course, the bride), after my experience, I've discovered that there are a few items you'll want to be sure to pack (and no, none of them are crowns or sashes).

Below, I'm highlighting the items that helped me survive the celebration while still keeping things simple (I'm a carry-on–only type). Keeping in mind the personality of the bride you're celebrating—perhaps she's someone who'd like to stand out (or, on the reverse side of things, blend in)—and your destination and activities once you get there, this packing list covers all of your bases, allowing you to spend your time fretting over the bride-to-be and saving you from stressing over what to pack. Read on for my bachelorette survival guide!