5 Great Alternatives to Making a New Year's Resolution

As we've discussed, we think the pressure to come up with a strong New Year's resolution this time of year is too high. While it's certainly commendable to try to better yourself, there's something a bit tired and cliché about the whole concept of a New Year's resolution. After all, why can't a girl resolve to improve herself any time of the year? We also enjoy going a little bit against the grain, so in that spirit, we brainstormed some ideas for cool alternatives to the standard resolutions we're all so accustomed to making. Keep scrolling for five fabulous alternatives to making a resolution in 2019.

Make a Commitment to Someone Other Than Yourself

One of our big problems with New Year's resolutions is that, more often than not, they are extremely self-focused. While we do believe in women empowering and bettering themselves to no end, we also think the changing year is a great time to turn one's focus outward. Whether it's helping a friend or family member in need, volunteering your time at a community center, or donating to a cause you care about, we think it's a nice idea to help others this New Year.

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Choose a Word of the Year for 2019

Instead of resolving to work on a specific aspect of yourself or your life, it might be helpful—and even a bit more productive—to choose one word that sums up how you want to feel in 2019. Perhaps there's a single term that sums up everything you want to work on, like "thoughtful," "peaceful," or "helpful." It's nice to think that you would carry this word with you throughout the year and apply it to all your endeavors.

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Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Write a letter to yourself and date it January 1, 2019. Tell yourself all you hope to accomplish this year, the things you want to see evolve, and the changes you wish to enact. Then, open it on January 1, 2020, so you can see just how far you've really come.

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Focus on Intention Rather Than Outcome

Most New Year's resolutions focus on an outcome, e.g., losing 10 pounds or being more productive at work. But what if you turned your focus inward instead, focusing on your intention rather than any results? Your goals for the year might then change; instead of losing weight, maybe your goal is to treat food as nutrition rather than enjoyment. You might be surprised at how effective such a mindset can be!

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Highlight the Things You Do Well, Not What You Need to Change

Lastly, who says you need to change, anyway? You're just perfect the way you are: every flaw, every weakness, every time you chose to sit on the couch and watch Friends instead of going to the gym. Maybe these aren't things to be fixed but rather to be celebrated as unique aspects of your personality and life. Perhaps it's okay to leave the betterment plan for another time and instead focus your attention on the things you like about yourself.

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Make a good night's sleep a priority in the New Year.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Andy Karp.

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