The Only 7 Items You Need to Add to Your Closet This Fall

Fall shopping is officially upon us! While there are certainly more tha enough trends to choose from this coming season, it always helps to highlight the ones we will definitely be participating in. And to do that, we enlisted the help of our resident stylist and shopping expert, Marissa Webb.

We asked Webb to share with us her must-haves for fall, and she was able to pare it down to just seven items she thinks every woman should invest in next season. From bags to denim to jewellery, she's got our back!

Keep scrolling to find out which items Marissa Webb recommends you stock your closet with this fall!

It was all about the bucket bag for a while, but currently I'm seeking more structured, ladylike bags to pair with my casual outfits. Think opposites!

The trench coat is always a classic, but it's back as a big fashion trend for this fall.

Don't think of it as just work wear! Envision it in place of your denim. Pair it with your favourite T-shirt for an easy, relaxed look. 

Bold red will always be around but right now, the softer lip is feeling more modern.

Keep the skinny jean as a go-to, but the straight-leg style is having its moment again!

Straight Cut High Waist Jeans

Who doesn't love a true high heel? But this fall try out the kitten heel. A great d'orsay is a classic that's always in my wardrobe rotation.

The statement necklace is an easy way to dress up your more casual looks.

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

Hailing from the heart of the South and cutting her teeth on the mean streets of New York, Meghan has six years of experience covering fashion, style, celebrities, culture, and human behavior. A longtime devotee of rap music, tacos, and generally perfect weather, she is excited to put down roots in Los Angeles. Her top three style staples are a good pair of cutoff shorts, virtually any kind of colorful digi-print, and a solid set of shades.