A New Study Reveals the Type of Lingerie Men REALLY Prefer

Here at Who What Wear, we are definitely of the mind-set that we women should wear whatever we see fit—regardless of what the opposite sex thinks of it. But if there's one item that women tend to wear at least in part to please their romantic partners, it's arguably lingerie. 

This is partly why we find Huffington Post's recent study so fascinating—it teamed up with AskMen.com to conduct a poll asking men what types of bras, panties, and more they find most alluring. Polling more than 2700 men, the sites requested respondents' preferences on women's lingerie, and as you might expect, what most men are into is not necessarily what most women are into.

According to the poll results, men prefer (wait for it!) push-up bras and thongs above all other forms of lingerie. Coming in a close second are lace bralettes and cheeky panties—two trends we can get a little more behind than the male species's top picks.

Keep scrolling to see the full results from the lingerie poll now and to shop our favorite lingerie at the moment!

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