Our Editors Rank Their Favorite Wedding Dress Trends From Hot to Cold

Minimal Wedding Dress



Wedding dress trends have swung on the style pendulum decade after decade, with many of them mirroring the fashions of their eras. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's minimalist Narciso Rodriguez slip felt at home with the pared-down aesthetic of the time, and Princess Diana's puff-sleeve gown was well-suited for the '80s. In other words, wedding gowns are bound to shift and transition depending on the zeitgeist as well as what the bride themself is drawn to.

In the wake of bridal fashion week, our editors ranked seven wedding dress trends from hot to cold, with hot signifying trends that are having a major moment and cold being dresses that aren't resonating as much. Naturally, these are solely our opinions, and what you decide to wear on your big day is entirely up to you, whether that ends up looking like a bias-cut slip, a lacy concoction, or something in between. In other words, you do you, but if you want a few jumping-off ideas, continue ahead.

Hot: Feathers

"Walking down the aisle is already such a magical moment in life, and I feel that a feathery bridal look only adds to that magic, whether it's via a fluffy trim on a sleeve or a full-on feathery dress." — Anna LaPlaca, assistant editor

Hot: Big Sleeves

"I think fun sleeve details are the perfect way to add some personality to wedding dresses. You can keep other elements more classic, like the neckline and back, but make a statement with the sleeves—whether they're sculptural, flowy, puffy, or what have you." — Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor

Hot: Super Minimal Slip

"For a wedding, nothing compares to the simplicity of a super-minimal slip dress. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wore the style in the '90s for her wedding, solidifying it as a timeless classic for any bride looking for a dress that's understated but beautiful." — Kristen Nichols, managing editor

Hot: Dramatic Veils

"Dramatic veils are a great way to give your wedding-day look (and photos) an added design element you don’t have to commit to for the entire day/night. Plus, if you look at iconic weddings throughout history, they’re kind of timeless!" — Nicole Akhtarzad, market editor

Hot: Off-the-Shoulder

"This classic neckline is super versatile, and can couple nicely with any number of dress styles or materials. I’m a petite girl with a shorter neck, so I’ve always loved the idea of a cut that makes me appear a little longer up top." — Courtney Higgs, associate beauty editor

Cold: Peplum

“To me, peplum is a trend that comes in and out, so I’d steer clear of the shape for a wedding. While I’m 100% behind experimenting with fashion in everyday life, I’d want to be happy looking back on my wedding dress decades later—and I think there's a high chance peplum would look dated.” — Kristen Nichols

Cold: Crop Top and Skirt

“When I think about my future wedding, I envision wearing something that skews classic rather than trendy (even though I’d describe my day-to-day style as trend-driven). For that reason, I’m not into the idea of wearing a crop top and skirt in lieu of a dress.” — Anna LaPlaca

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