My Fellow Editors and I Agree—These Are the Cool Wedding Dress Trends to Know About in 2024

If ever there's a day you want to feel your very best, it's your wedding day. There's a reason so many brides agonise over finding their dream dress—or spend years pre-engagement saving styles they love on Pinterest. Admittedly, I am yet to walk down the aisle, but as someone who's had many a front row seat to loved ones' weddings, I've picked up a few key insights. The most important one is that while it may be tempting to go all out and make your wedding day your red carpet moment, it's crucial that you still feel like yourself, just at your most gorgeous. That means embracing silhouettes that you feel most comfortable in and aesthetics that feel true to you.

@camillecharriere wearing a lace wedding dress

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None of this means you have to go traditional—in fact, the modern bridal trends are more inclusive in terms of style and fit than ever before. Are you a maximalist who wants to bring the drama? Billowing, voluminous skirts are one of the top styles for 2024. Want to be as far from traditional as possible? Go for a super sleek tailored set or a party-ready mini. The options are truly incredibly extensive, which conversely can make it tricky to know where to start.

@lefevrediary wearing a white dress with a bow

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If you're looking for some inspiration to get you started—or are a keen fashion lover who wants to be as on trend as possible when you walk down the aisle—I've done some digging to find out the key bridal trends that are set to dominate this year. From bow-adorned dresses to sculptural pieces, these are the editor-approved wedding trends to know this year.

1. Floral Details

@lefevrediary wearing a white floral dress

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Style Notes: From delicate appliqués to dramatic 3D designs, florals were all over the dresses at Bridal Fashion Week. While it may seem traditional and destined for a countryside wedding, today's designers are proving that this classic motif can be super contemporary, too.

2. Vintage-Inspired Lace


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Style Notes: Lace is a bridal classic, and this season, designers are taking it in two directions. Some have leaned into the nostalgia, with vintage-inspired silhouettes, while others have taken the traditional and reimagined it in super contemporary styles. The choice is yours!

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3. Bows

@halfpennylondon wedding dress with big bow

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Style Notes: The balletcore trend brought about a major obsession with bows, and bridal designers are very much embracing the look. From OTT satin bows under a dropped back to miniature bejewelled versions across the bust, discover the ways the coquettish motif has been reimagined for the modern bride.

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4. Sculptural Silhouettes

@daniellefrankelstudio wedding dress

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Style Notes: Over the past few years, a number of new labels have begun challenging expectations of bridal wear, and one of the most popular today is Danielle Frankel. The New York-based designer has created seriously high-fashion dresses that use unexpected shapes and push the boundaries of traditional corsetry. If that aesthetic isn't quite your cup of tea, there are plenty of other sculptural designs that look like wearable works of art.

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5. The Mini

Lena - Feather Ivory

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Style Notes: If a short hem is your normal go-to, there's no need to abandon your favourite style on your wedding day. Elaborately draped or ultra minimal, adored with feathers or trimmed with organza, the options are endless—and seriously tempting.

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6. Voluminous Skirts

@bettinalooney wearing a voluminous wedding dress

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Style Notes: If you tend to be a bit of a maximalist, or simply enjoy the fairytale romance of an enormous dress, this trend is for you. The rule is: the bigger the better. Puffed out with tulle or cut to hang in a dramatic wide shape, these voluminous skirts are making a big comeback this year.

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7. Tailoring


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Style Notes: If dresses just aren't you thing, don't panic. Sleek, elegant tailoring is very much in for 2024 brides. A tailored set featuring either a blazer or beautifully structured top with a skirt or trousers is a classic go-to, or you can go for a gorgeous jumpsuit to keep things effortless.

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