The Wedding Dress Detail All Brides Should Pay Attention To


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If you’re newly engaged and beginning the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, there’s one important detail you might want to consider: the wedding dress fabric. After all, the dress sets the tone for the wedding and knowing what to look for can help narrow your search. To help lead you in the right direction, we enlisted the help of Lanie List, founder of Lovely Bride. She admits that “when choosing a fabric for a wedding dress, the biggest thing to consider is how you want your gown to fit.”

If you have your sights set on a ballroom wedding or more formal event, you’ll want to look for fabrics that work with those dress styles. List shares, “If you are a fan of something that molds to your body and ‘does the work for you,’ look for a heavier-weight fabric in a strong weave, like a mikado or faille. These fabrics are great for classic gowns because they hold their shape (and you) beautifully. These fabrics are ideal for modern, timeless gowns with clean architectural lines.”

On the other hand, many brides prefer a less structured style. And List suggests that “if you are more of a free spirit who wants plenty of movement in her gown, opt for chiffons and organzas.” These more etherial fabrics lend a romantic element to the dress and are perfect for a wedding in a vineyard or on the beach. List shares that “they flow with the wind, which can make for gorgeous outdoor shots. Just be careful that you have the right venue for these lightweight and airy fabrics. Since organza and chiffon are delicate fabrics, they don’t always play nicely with natural terrains. Plan to take most of your photos before the wedding, so you can shrug off any wear and tear that happens on the dance floor.” Ahead, shop some of our favorite wedding dress styles.



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