Love Wearing Color? Here's How to Take It to the Next Level

If breaking out of your monotonous wardrobe has been on your list of to-dos, you’re not the only one. Kelsey Lu, the incredible cellist and singer whose name is adoringly uttered by New Yorkers in the know, is one of those rare talents who would be plenty noteworthy simply as a brilliant musician, but also brings with her a curiosity and eyes-wide openness that, coupled with a legit sense of style, makes us want to climb inside her world and just hang out. And like so many of us, Lu is making a conscious effort to brighten up her world by way of her wardrobe. “When I moved [to L.A.] from NYC, I noticed my palette had become more about the darker tones,” Lu shares. “I’m happy to be bringing the florals of the earth back into my go-to look for everyday life.”

Lu tells us her Coltrane-loving father deserves a solid mention when it comes to her own personal style: “I’d say it really stems from my dad. He has always had his own style, always a flair of something. He never blended into what everyone around him was wearing.” While raising her in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lu’s parents—both devout Jehovah’s Witnesses with great taste in music—gave her the space to find her own sartorial vibe. “Going to the thrift stores with him and my mom, I got to pull the things that swayed my way and make them my own,” she tells us.

As she sits dressed in head-to-toe Gucci, clearly fulfilling her determination to embrace some serious color, it’s obvious that there’s a meeting of the minds between Lu and Gucci’s own vintage lover, Creative Director Alessandro Michele. “I personally love all the different expressions of someone’s mind clearly portrayed throughout these Gucci pieces: a mind that is very colorful and outspoken. It can be very moving as the person wearing them,” Lu explains.

We weren’t kidding when said this was about taking color to the next level. Below, Lu shows us three tricks to embracing color by way of Gucci’s latest offerings, and we dare even those most devoted to their monochrome wardrobes not to go weak at the knees.

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