These TikTok-Famous Makeup Trends Have Completely Won Us Over

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I scroll TikTok way too much for fear of missing out on a really good trend. Of course, it comes with the job territory, but something about this particular social app makes me waste the most amount of time. The upside is that I've really perfected my algorithm. It's impeccable, actually. Sometimes, it gets derailed when my husband sends me a random "funny" video (all I'll say is that we have very different taste in content), but I'm always able to get my FYP back to the content that speaks to me most: beauty. It's how I discover buzzy products, but more importantly, it's where the best beauty trends are born.

With that in mind, I tapped some of my very stylish colleagues, Amy Serrano, Shawna Hudson, and Jadene Munson, to share the viral makeup trends that have completely won them over and all the products needed from Macy's to create the looks. From balletcore to cloud skin, there's a look for every style.


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"I love effortless and minimal makeup, so wearing less foundation is always key for me. One of my favorite looks is dewy, glowy skin, which is the perfect base for every summer trend, but I'm most excited about balletcore makeup. Balletcore is this elevated, 'clean girl' makeup look that really leans into dewy, ethereal skin with a focus on flushed, rosy cheeks. I love that everything is very soft and radiant, which works very well for summer. I feel like everything from the glossy skin to the touches of pink to the iridescent shimmer gives an overall angelic glow that feels very youthful. I love how ethereal and romantic the overall look is."


(Image credit: @amyserrano)

"When it comes to this makeup look, I wanted to keep the skin very natural and light. I applied a very thin layer of the foundation and groomed and fluffed up my brows. For flushed cheeks, smile and apply liquid blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending gently toward your temple. To set it, I used the powder blush, which amps up the brightness of your cheeks and adds to the angelic glow. For soft, ethereal eyes, I applied a matte brown shade all over the lid as a base and layered the liquid eye shadow for a touch of iridescent sparkle. I finished off the eyes by coating my lashes with mascara. I kept my lips very natural using a lip pencil that's close to my natural lip color and adding a glossy finish. Finally, I added some highlight to the high points of my face to further create that look of glistening skin."


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"Honestly, I love to wear even less makeup during the summer because I'm always at the beach. So if there's a trend that provides a hack or two on how to achieve a glow using a minimal amount of products, I'm in! I love that folks on TikTok are using blush and lipstick on other areas of the face besides the cheeks! This application hack is a clever and easy way to add extra color to your complexion. This look gives such a natural, lit-from-within flush to the skin. I'm no makeup artist or expert, but this hack proves you don't have to be one to get that gorgeous summer glow. I love this for the summer months because it makes you look like you've spent a bit of time in the sun without veering into sunburn territory."


(Image credit: @shawnasimonee)

"I started with my normal base of concealer (a few shades lighter than my normal skin tone) and foundation. I then went in with a bronzing stick along my cheek bones, jaw, and forehead area to give my skin a bit of extra warmth and color. I topped it with a dab of red lipstick in each area to further create that warm, flushed look. On the eyes, I added a beautiful bronze-gold shade and some mascara. To complete the glow, I topped everything off with a gold highlight on the high points of my face. I love that it's so easy to do and looks really natural! It just enhances what you already have rather than covering anything up. Mixing the bronzing stick with the red lipstick around the cheeks, forehead, and nose also blends so seamlessly together."


(Image credit: @c__bellamy)

"In the winter, I always feel like I have to overcompensate. My skin never feels as fresh, and I try to correct it with more makeup. But plot twist: I'm not a fan of matte finishes—I'm a dewy girl through and through. That's why I've been so drawn to cloud skin. It's not about a fully dewy or matte finish. It's about finding the sweet spot in between, which I'm very comfortable with."


(Image credit: @c__bellamy)

"I love that this trend has pushed me outside my comfort zone. To get that velvety but radiant finish, I started with clean, moisturized skin and applied a primer. For a blurred, cloudy look, I used a brush to blend the foundation, focusing on the areas I needed it most. I lightly concealed under my eyes and covered a few rogue blemishes. I followed up with some bronzer and moved on to my eyes. I fluffed my brows and added a soft matte brown across my lids, topped it off with the sparkly bronze shadow, and added a few coats of mascara. To set everything in place, I spritzed my face and called it a day. This is as close to a soft matte finish as I'll get."


(Image credit: @jademunster)

"What gets me most excited about summer beauty trends are the fun pops of color people tend to incorporate into their makeup looks. It's a time when I see a lot of people step out of their comfort zones to try new things like a bright lip. Right now, I'm very into Barbiecore. Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors. I love that it's filled with fun pink tones and has a soft bronze contour for a little added glam. It adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Plus, pink blush looks good on everyone!"


(Image credit: @jademunster)

"I swept the bronzer across my hairline and cheek bones. Then I added blush on the apples of my cheeks and blended up toward the hairline. I swiped the highlighter stick directly onto the high points of my face. Next, I moved on to the eyes and used the matte pink shade all over my lids, the shimmery dark pink around my bottom lash line, the darkest shade at the outer corners, and the frosty pink to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I brightened up my eyes with a nude liner in my waterline and topped off my eye look with mascara. To finish it off, I applied a color-changing lip balm that shifts to your own perfect pink shade. It's super girly, wearable, and easy to achieve."

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