Violet Grey Has a Brand-New "Wellness Edit," and It's Low-Key Life-Changing

Fur oil, kegel exercise trackers, esthetician-imagined skin supplements, vibrators, bath salts, CBD-infused lotion, and rose gold–encrusted facial rollers—yep, the ultimate gang of top-notch wellness goodies has officially arrived. Actually, there's so much more where those came from. Meet Violet Grey's newest trustworthy product array: the Wellness Edit, a smart grouping of self-care–minded must-haves thoughtfully cultivated by the industry's best and brightest experts (just like the rest of the Violet Code–regulated site offerings, obviously). Excited? You should be. Because this is major.

According to the brand, the newest edit installment smoothly streamlines the sometimes murky waters of the health and wellness world. Sure, CBD is trendy AF right now, but how are you supposed to know which lotion (out of the gazillion on the market) is the absolute best? Why, you leave it to the professionals, of course.

"Our new edit pares down the overcrowded wellness space and singles out items that make you look and feel better," the brand explains. Violet Grey Beauty Director Jayme Cyk elaborates: "When curating the best in wellness for Violet Grey, the underlying theme was all about self-care. And while we found the best Prebiotic + Probiotic blend from The Nue Co. and the chicest ceramic matte essential oil diffuser from Vitruvi, we wanted to tap into an array of categories. Think sexual wellness, feminine care, and holistic pain relief," she explains. "The wellness world is quickly becoming saturated, and it was important for us to find the essentials that not only fit the stringent Violet Code standards, but products that really tell a cohesive story."

Dreamy, right? Inspired, I thought I'd take the already exclusive collection up another notch and asked my fellow Byrdie editors and the staff at Violet Grey which products they're over the moon excited about. Ahead, 12 product picks from Violet Grey's new Wellness Edit we're already labeling cult classics. Keep scrolling for your ultimate shopping guide.

"Irritable bowel syndrome has been the bane of my existence since I was 15. About four years ago, I started to experiment with a variety of probiotics, and The Nue Co. has topped all of them. Within a week I was less bloated, and I've continued to see amazing changes not only in my digestive system but in my skin and energy levels as well." — Jayme Cyk, Violet Grey beauty director

"As a single, 26-year-old female living alone, I gotta say, Crave has changed the game. Besides it working incredibly well, holding charge for almost an hour, and being super easy to clean, the design is so chic you can accidentally leave it on your nightstand with zero anxiety." — Lindsey Peterson, Violet Grey merchandise planner

"I love using this roller at night after applying my serum or moisturizer. I crawl into bed, turn on the TV, and start rolling away! It depuffs, helps products penetrate deeper into the skin, and makes your face look instantly contoured." — Rachel Richman, Violet Grey merchandise assistant

"The benefits of CBD are endless. I love this product in particular because it is super chic and has a nice minty scent. I apply it to my neck and hands after a day at my laptop, and it does wonders to help my muscles relax. I also love rubbing it into my temples if I sense eye strain or a headache. I've explored a lot of CBD lotions, and this one is by far the best—and no, it won't get you high!" — Cassandra Cadwell, Violet Grey client concierge

"As someone who is trying to be increasingly vigilant about the products and ingredients I put on my complexion, I'm not sure why it took so long for me to extend a similar philosophy to every inch of my skin, if you catch my drift. This luscious yet lightly scented formula is made in Sweden, tested and approved by dermatologists, and leaves a fresh clean feeling—no matter what. Yep, the Orbit jingle now works for intimate wash." — Erin Jahns, Byrdie assistant editor

"Your vagina's like your face. You want it fresh and clean at all times! DeoDoc's Deowipes makes this easy to achieve anywhere you are: home, work, and everywhere in between. There's nothing better than a balanced mind, body, and pH level." — Carly Narva, Violet Grey VP of merchandising 

"I've never been one to go entirely bare 'down there,' and I'm so glad that Fur created a soothing oil for both hair and skin in the intimate area. It's great as a pre-waxing treatment (try it next time you get your brows done), and here's a hot tip: The consistency is fabulous to use on men's facial hair for extra shine." — Ashley Cornett, Violet Grey makeup artist

"I love celebrity esthetician Angela Caglia, and not surprisingly, I love her rose-gold and quartz face roller. Seriously, I highly recommend getting one of her dreamy facials at least once in your life—worth it! This roller is the bane of my puffy morning face's existence, immediately boosting post-sleep circulation, discouraging fluid retention, and just making me feel calm, cool, and collected before applying my makeup." — Erin Jahns

"Meditation has become a significant part of my morning routine, and I use a few of things to help me focus: The Headspace app and the Stone Diffuser from Vitruvi with the cedarwood or lavender essential oil. A pleasant scent in the air allows me to concentrate on the present and calm the monkey brain with its endless, stress-inducing list of things to do." — Ashley Kick, Violet Grey director of e-commerce

"I don't have the best track record when it comes to taking my supplements. Not the case with Dr. Sturm's Skin Food! These pills are loaded with purslane, a natural anti-aging ingredient. My complexion is brighter, clearer, smoother, and all the reminder I need to keep up with the capsules." — Monica Lumpkin, Violet Grey marketing and PR associate

"I love setting the scene in my room after a stressful day. I crave rest and relaxation like no other, and this soothing lavender scent that blows out of my diffuser spreads good vibes in the air. It makes my room smell like a garden, which takes me to another place. My favorite thing in the world to do is put four drops in my diffuser, take a nap, wake up, and be enveloped by this intoxicating scent." — Maya Allen, Byrdie assistant editor

"I have found that the most invigorating way to start my day is with a dry-brush massage. Not only does it have the energizing powers of an espresso, but it also helps with lymphatic drainage, removing dead skin, and even treating cellulite." — April Uchitel, Violet Grey CEO

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