25 Cute Swimsuits That Look Vintage But Aren't

It's no secret that retro swimwear is a trend that bubbled up a couple of years ago and has now become a staple as far as a cohesive swimwear collection goes. You've got your classic string bikini, low-back one piece, and now the high-rise two-piece as a part of your go-to assortment of bathing suits, and when it comes to those retro styles, the more vintage-looking the better. However, when it comes to true vintage swimwear, that is really a beast all its own. In other words, some people have no problem wearing a pre-owned swimsuit, while others can get quite freaked out by the notion. (Understandably so, if you ask me.)

If you resonate with the latter group, we have just the shopping selection for you. Ahead, we have rounded up 25 cute swimsuits that look vintage but aren't. We're talking ruffles galore, buttons, belts, underwire, old-school leg cuts, and more. This way, you can get everything you want from a vintage swimsuit without having to actually go on the hunt and wash it a million times before you finally feel comfortable slipping into that pre-worn thing. Whether you are drawn to the silhouettes, patterns, or adornments of vintage-style swimwear, there is bound to be something just for you in the assortment ahead as we tried to round up a little something for everyone. 

This suit is taking over Instagram for the rest of the summer.

The print combined with the striking underwire feels just the right amount of retro. 

Everything from the collar to the ruching feels so vintage. 

If flappers went swimming, this is what they would have worn. 

Another suit with ruching we're adding to our carts.

A retro suit sans a high-waisted bottom since we know those aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. 

This neckline and leg look like a swimsuit my grandmother wore in the '30s.

Groovy prints and one-shoulder silhouettes are making any swimsuit style feel instantly fresh.

Everyone needs at least one white swimsuit in their lives.

If you haven't checked out the Tory Burch swimsuit section lately, we suggest you do immediately. 

This will make your legs the star of the show. 

When a swimsuit gives you lemons, you buy it. 

The drop-waist bow belt makes this feel authentically vintage. 

If you like the shape of retro swimwear but not the typical frills, this is the suit for you. 

This color will feel relevant all year round.

Rainbow houndstooth is something we can get behind. 

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