Exclusive: What It Takes to Be the Victoria's Secret Show Stylist

There's no denying how fervently we all absorb, in great detail, the incredible tricks and tips behind the Victoria's Secret Angels' training regimes and the phenomenal result that is framed by each elaborate catwalk ensemble. But have you ever thought about the other all-important logistics that are in place to make this monumental fashion show a possibility each and every year? There are 82 runway looks and 43 pairs of extravagant wings created. The coveted Fantasy Bra alone shimmers with over 9000 precious gems—diamonds and emeralds included—and costs a whopping $3 million.

Surely, then, the woman who makes this all come together must be a powerhouse of the highest degree? Correct. Meet Sophia Neophitou-Apostulou, one of the industry's most respected and revered editors, the founder of 10 Magazine, a consultant to many a designer, and a seriously smart woman who has been steering the VS runway ship under her creative direction for the past seven years. The Angels may train like devils for months on end, but the process of this production is like no other catwalk in the world—and we wanted to know more.

Which leads us to Paris, where VS has decided to host this year's extravaganza under the hallowed domes of the city's Grand Palais (the very same venue Chanel always uses). I caught up with Sophia backstage—in a strict military operation-style 20-minutes-per-person-only haze of hairspray and pink everything (really, everything)—in order to get the inside track on what it takes to be the Victoria's Secret stylist and creative director. Keep going to read our exclusive interview and to see some of the event's stand-out looks…

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Opening Images: Getty Images