This Socks Statistic Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The power of Vetements never ceases to amaze us. Its edgy street appeal has sparked a cult following that’s unlike any other brand on the market right now. What makes it especially impressive is the hefty price point that comes along with owning an item from the collection. Our minds were practically blown when we first heard about their $1400 jeans.

On a visit to the Net-a-Porter offices in New York City this week where its VP of global buying, Sarah Rudson, was presenting to a group of editors, she dropped a Vetements shopping statistic that nearly made us audibly gasp. The e-commerce platform introduced $95 Vetements socks to the site, and within only five short days they had already sold 500 pairs. That’s right, 500!

Scroll down to see the socks in street style shots, and if you’re on board, shop them before they sell out.


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Net-a-Porter sold 500 pairs of $95 Vetements socks in only 5 days.

Here's everything you need to know about Vetements.

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