I Practically Live in this Jacket—Here Are 6 Outfits I Wear It With

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I've worked in fashion for 10 years, and people always ask me the same question: What have you been buying recently? No matter who's asking (my mom, my friends, my boyfriend with trepidation), they usually expect me to say something outlandish, wild or extravagant. But much to their surprise, I've really started to hone my wardrobe rather than endlessly add to it. Recently, I've realised that creating a considered capsule of elevated staples that transcend seasons and seasonal trends is the smarter, more mature way to shop. So Mum, if you're reading, here's your answer…

One brand I go back to time and time again is Veronica Beard. The New York–based label was founded by sister-in-laws (who happen to share the same first name) with the intention of offering clothes "you can live in." As a result, its seasonal collections are filled with sublime staple pieces, including tailoring, perfect-fitting denim and a selection of pure cotton shirts, tanks and dresses. Each item looks and feels like it was made specifically for you and is entirely effortless to throw on.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Veronica Beard)

The brand's signature piece has to be its dickey jacket, a tailored blazer with button details and a cinched-in waist that gives it a sleek, sophisticated silhouette. But the real genius invention? The dickey itself—a clever little add-on that zips inside the jacket's lapels to give the illusion of a second layer. With versions that imitate a hoodie, a denim jacket, a tweed button-down and more, the dickey immediately provides that layer effect without the discomfort, rigidness or warmth that an actual second layer would have. This brilliant little attachment adds a casual edge to a smarter jacket and allows you to get the most out of your wardrobe.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Veronica Beard)

So whether you're going for a folky look, French-girl style or a smart work wardrobe, keep srcolling to see the six key looks I curated with three of Veronica Beard's iconic dickey jackets. Each outfit proves that the same piece can take you from smart to casual and from day to night. You can thank me later.


When wearing a sleek satin dress, you're never truly wedding-ready without a jacket. (You should always expect an evening chill.) Enter the Miller Dickey Jacket. With its resin buttons and soft, creamy hue, it's a formal addition to your wedding ensemble and looks so chic when worn casually over your shoulders.



Add the Rini Dickey (that's the clever detached knit collar) to the Miller, and it becomes an entirely different jacket. This ombre-effect, tie-dye knit has a real Bohemian touch, which I've embraced and paired with clogs, flared jeans and a crochet crop top. I simply love this look.



Tailoring combined with a tank has been a go-to look for me all year. A little black blazer is as essential as the LBD. In fact, I'd argue it's more essential, especially as we head back into the office. 



Is it just me, or is this what Emily from Emily in Paris should be wearing? The combination of the tweed skirt, the leather dickey and that bag is precisely how to do premium Parisian styling.



This is Sienna Miller circa 2005 with an updated spin. Channeling a Y2K aesthetic I can actually get on board with, this easy Bohemian look nods to '70s hippie culture but has a sophisticated edge.Think less Janis Joplin, more Gaby Aghion. 



The Western trend is a major hitter for autumn/winter this year, and I'm giving it a feminine edge by adding this pink corduroy jacket. Tweed isn't traditionally a Western material, but the pattern on the Slate Tweed Dickey definitely has a Western feel to it.


You can see more Veronica Beard styles here.

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