Chic Pieces That Are Vegan, Eco-Friendly, and Ethical

Ethical clothing has come a long way from hemp necklaces and canvas accessories. With designers and brands creating ultra-chic designs and innovative materials that are anything but granola, sustainability has never looked so stylish.

Many fashion groups have begun speaking up about concerns of global warming (even fast-fashion chain H&M is going strong with its eco-friendly Conscious line). There are also a plethora of designers building entire businesses on the premises of vegan and ethical values. Needless to say, the fashion world is making significant strides toward achieving sustainability. Want to see some of our favorite brands that are changing the industry as we know it? We’ve rounded up five chic pieces that are vegan, eco-friendly, and incredibly stylish.

Stella McCartney

Matt & Nat


H&M Conscious

Free People Vegan Collection