Upside-Down Shorts Are the New Trend Everyone Will Have an Opinion About

"I'm very confused, but I'm also intrigued," one commenter wrote on an Instagram post of Refinery29 editor Alyssa Coscarelli's. The subject of the bewilderment? A pair of upside-down denim shorts. Coscarelli's shorts might look like an optical illusion, but they are, in fact, real—and only time will tell if the trend has legs.

Coscarelli's shorts are by the brand Cie, which hand-makes one-of-a-kind pieces using vintage denim. The brand even has a "patent pending" note in the product description in case any brands are thinking of replicating the concept. Most of Coscarelli's 100-plus comments are positive, with some Instagrammers expressing their downright obsession: "I don't even know how I lived my life up to this point without these shorts," one person commented. Understandably, however, not everyone is on board, with some 'grammers saying they can't get behind the trend. Scroll down to see how Coscarelli wore them and shop them for yourself.


the upside-down ???? @ciedenim

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Shop the Upside-Down Shorts

Available in sizes 23 to 29. 

Available in sizes 23 to 29.