Sorry, But These Are the Makeup Products That Won't Make It to 2023 With Me

As the year draws to a close, I'm beginning to recognize the signs of buyer's remorse in my beauty routine. Now, don't get me wrong: I usually know a good makeup product when I see it (and wear it), but every now and then, there's one that completely throws me off my game.

The products in question are the ones that sat on my skin, dried out my lips, gave me a white cast, didn't last through then night or left a gruesome impression on my favorite white sweater. Once a year, I dedicate time comb through my hefty makeup collection and separate the products that didn't serve me well from the ones I'll be first in line to replace in the New Year.

If you're wondering which ones I would avoid, you're in luck. Here are the beauty products I'm saying goodbye to in 2023 and all the products I'm replacing them with. Keep reading to see which ones made the list.



The Culprit: Sticky Lip Gloss

There are too many lip glosses out there that promise peak shine and lasting hydration for your lips but end up giving a sticky experience. After spending many a windy day brushing stray strands of hair away from my overly sticky lips, I've decided enough is enough. It's time to invest in lip glosses that go on smoothly, have endless shine, and give your lips the moisture they deserve.

Replaced With

It says it right there in the title. This long-lasting lip gloss by Hourglass gloss will keep your lips looking ultra shiny and full. It enhances your lips' natural shape without the sting of traditional lip plumpers. How great is that?

Here's another plumping lip gloss I have my eye on. Available in both a high shine and shimmer finish, this lip gloss boasts peak hydration and shine with a plumping effect that lasts thanks to the formula's volumizing spheres of hyaluronic acid.

Fenty's done it again! The brand's cult-favorite gloss made the list because it gives my lips the eye-catching shine I want without any of the stickiness. It's also buildable, offering medium-to-full coverage color that lasts. 

The Culprit: Cakey Tinted Moisturizer

A smooth, healthy-looking complexion can be achieved without makeup, but a tinted moisturizer that adds a little bit of color and glow doesn't hurt. However, a tinted moisturizer that leaves a white cast definitely does. As someone blessed with melanin-rich skin, I'll be on the lookout for moisturizer that won't leave me looking grey.

Replaced With

This product boasts a four-in-one combo of moisturizer, primer, foundation, and SPF. Its key ingredients include aloe, vitamin E, chamomile, and shea butter for a formula that keeps skin looking and feeling healthy.

Looking for a lightweight tinted moisturizer? Give this one from Ilia a try. It's serum-based, with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and plant-based squalane to provide light, dewy coverage you'll love.

The weightless tinted serum foundation that's perfect for when you're going for the "no makeup" makeup look. For best results, it's highly recommended you apply with a brush to burst open the serum's pigment spheres.

The Culprit: Short-Lived Blush

You shouldn't have to question how long blushing cheeks will last when you're out and about. Blush that seemingly disappears without a trace doesn't deserve a reserved spot in the makeup bag, and my favorite white sweater didn't deserve a hot-pink stain on the left sleeve. I'm waving goodbye to blush that doesn't do its job.

Replaced With

Tiny but mighty, E.l.f. Cosmetics' Putty Blush has an ultra-creamy formula that's both pigmented and buildable. Call it science (or a magic trick), but it also transforms from cream to a semi-matte powder finish! 

If you know me, then you know how obsessed I am with Merit. Its Flush Balm Cream Blush delivers a long-lasting, rosy glow without being cakey, clogging pores, or covering the skin's natural texture.

Here's another Ilia product that's earned a well-deserved spot in my 2023 makeup routine. Available in both a dewy and luminous finish, this product offers a vibrant wash of color for the cheeks and lips.

The Culprit: Waxy Brows

Fluffy, natural-looking eyebrows are finally trending again, and I'm all for it (and glad the return of Pamela Anderson's shaved-off brow look didn't stick). Come January, I'll have my feathered brow routine down with the help of a sculpting wax and wand. 

Replaced With

This wax gives you the laminated eyebrow look without the hefty price tag. It's infused with Meadowfoam Seed Oil to condition your eyebrows while holding them in place. It's also super buildable, so you can go bold or keep them minimal.

Say goodbye to flaky brows! This grooming pomade  shapes your eyebrows without stiffening or flaking. If you've been wondering if you should give Glossier's Boy Brow a try, take this as your sign.

There's a reason this sculpting wax is always flying off the shelf at my local Sephora in record time! It lifts and sets hairs in place, leaving you with full and scuplted eyebrows that last.

The Culprit: Sparkle-Less Highlighter 

When done right, highlighter can add an eye-catching hint of sparkle to any makeup look. When it's done wrong, however, you may risk appearing as if glitter was misplaced on your face. I'm planning on avoiding the latter by finding highlighter that leaves me glowing and confident.

Replaced With

I'm hopping on the Milk Makeup train in 2023 starting with its best-selling Cream Highlighter! It's infused with micro-shimmer and uses hydrating ingredients like mango butter, avocado oil, and peace nectar for glowing and hydrated skin.

I discovered this product during a lengthy deep dive into Matilda Djerf's makeup routine for fresh, glowy skin. It's lightweight (made of 75% water) and can be mixed with your favorite foundation or worn alone. 

Offered in two gorgeous shades, this highlighter from Chanel leaves your skin with a dewy finish for up to eight hours. Pro tip: Try mixing with a foundation to highlight your favorite features.

The Culprit: Messy Mascara

Last up: replacing all the mascara in my collection that congeals, clumps, and smears. I've found three mascaras that do everything I like and more, keeping my makeup fresh and free of mascara faux pas.

Replaced With

Let's talk volume. This award-winning mascara by Milk Makeup gives you dramatic, fuller-looking lashes with a quick swipe. It's also buildable so you can go as big and bold as your heart desires.

This Lancôme mascara features a curved mascara wand that captures and shapes lashes for a fanned out, open-eye look. The best part? It lasts up to 24 hours (no reapplication necessary).

Finally, Rose Inc's mascara is definitely on my radar for the New Year. In addition to being ultra pigmented, buildable, and long-wearing, this mascara also lengthens and curls the lashes so I can ring in the New Year in style.