If You Hate Skin Tints, U Beauty's Brand-New Formula Might Change Your Mind


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My boss, Erin Jahns, and I have some strong opinions on skin tints. Honestly, the consensus is that we're not exactly fans of them. We either like to go all in with a full-coverage foundation or just wear no makeup at all. Despite our shared opinions on skin tints, though, we share an equal love for U Beauty and its incredibly thoughtful formulas. So when the brand announced it'd be dropping a tinted version of one of our favorite formulas (the Super Hydrator), naturally, we were *very* intrigued. 

It features a universal shade range for all skin types and tones and a dynamic new formula that preserves the much-loved hydration without compromising skin-enhancing color. It also provides a dewy finish but still looks totally natural on the skin. The original Super Hydrator is beloved by fans because it features five different weights of hyaluronic acid to moisturize for hours on end. This tint does the same while adding a bit of coverage to boot. Erin and I decided to put it to the test and share our thoughts. This formula retails for $108 and isn't exactly cheap, so read on for our honest thoughts if you're considering investing.

Our Honest Thoughts on U Beauty's Super Tinted Hydrator


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Like I said above, skin tints aren't normally my thing. There are a select few that I like, but even then, I tend to wear a bit of concealer underneath because they just don't offer the amount of coverage that I like. As someone who struggles with acne, hyperpigmentation, and texture, skin tints can sometimes accentuate that and merely put a sheer coating over it. I tried this one out in the hope that I would find a winner and could potentially ditch the foundation.

U Beauty's definitely does what it says—it's extremely hydrating and breathable, so I really liked that aspect. It's also really easy to blend into the skin and can definitely be built up, but I found that it wasn't groundbreaking enough to change my mind about skin tints. I still wore a bit of concealer with this formula, which helped, but I think the coverage was just a tad too sheer for me. Granted, I only gave it a test for a day, so maybe I'll find that I really love it after building up coverage another time.

Overall, though, it's definitely one of the best skin tints I've used, and the formula is creamy and lightweight. If you are really into skin tints, I would definitely recommend this one, as it offers a great color match and gives your skin a nice dewy appearance. With a little bronzer, it even adds subtle warmth and radiance to the skin.

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"I don't know what it is about skin tints, but I just never like them. They always leave me wanting more! I'm kind of all-or-nothing with my makeup—you'll either run into me completely bare-faced or I'll be wearing a higher-coverage foundation—and for some reason, the in-between thing just never works for me. That said, this new skin tint has finally changed my mind, and it's the only one I will (and want!) to keep in my regular rotation.

"First of all, the coverage is really gorgeous. It looks completely invisible on the skin, so no one would ever guess you have any kind of base product on, but it instantly makes your skin look more even, glowy, and bouncy. Basically, it's the bottled form of what I've always wished my makeup-free skin could look like naturally. Plus, since it's a tinted version of the brand's already cult-loved Super Hydrator, you're still getting all of the same skincare benefits that have made it such a beloved moisturizer. It also plays really nicely with other makeup products, which isn't always the case with skin tints. I've been loving it with Youthforia's BYO Blush Oil ($36) and Ami Colé's Light-Catching Highlighter Balm ($22), especially." — Erin Jans, beauty director

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