Genius Ways to Style Denim for Fall

Genius Ways to Style Denim for Fall

Everyone has that one pair of jeans they fell in love with the minute they tried them on. They’re the piece you turn to when all else fails, and they make you feel like a street style star every time you wear them. Sara Escudero of the fashion blog Collage Vintage is no stranger to spotting a standout style when she sees one, and like many fashion girls, she’s found her go-to pair in Levi’s 711 jeans.

So how does Escudero style her go-to pair to keep them feeling fresh? The blogger gave us a glimpse into a typical day in her jet-setting life during London Fashion Week where she styled her Levi’s in two chic ways you can pull off from day to night, no matter the occasion.

Keep reading for the two of-the-moment ways to style fashion’s favorite jeans this season.

The Day Look

On Escudero: Levi's 711 Skinny Jeans ($54)

Because Escudero was at fashion week, she needed a look that was stylish and functional, a crucial element to any jet-setter. This outfit formula is a no-brainer, since it yields a fashion-forward look every time. Consider punching up your look with red block heels like Escudero did. “I paired the jeans with a gray tee and topped the look off with an oversize trench coat,” the blogger tells us. “For that final touch, I accessorized with a vintage bag and red block heels.” 

Why red block heels? Adding a bold color to this ensemble give it an extra something, creating a look so versatile that you can go from breakfast to shopping with friends without feeling over- or underdressed. 

The Night Look

Have dinner plans? Skip the dress and opt for denim. Escudero styled her jeans with an embellished top and lace-up shoes. “Pairing these pieces with jeans elevates the outfit to make it feel nighttime-appropriate,” the blogger says.

Traveling like Escudero? These jeans just gave you more of a reason to love them. They’re travel-friendly because you can take them from day to night, just like the fashion blogger did. Take a cue from Escudero and test-drive your dream jeans on a night out. Finalize your look with staples like a blazer and a chic bag, and you’re ready to go.

Which styling tip will you try? Tell us in the comments below!

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