Ukrainian Women Are Reviving These Amazing Traditional Flower Crowns

A flower crown most likely brings to mind the hair accessory seen on every concertgoer during summer festival season. However, the floral headpiece has a significant meaning in Ukraine that dates back to the country's early history, according to a recent article in Vogue.

Treti Pivni, a Slavic collective of creatives in fashion and photography, recently shot a series of portraits that feature traditional Ukrainian headdresses and intricate floral wreaths worn by women and young girls. The goal was to pay homage to the country's culture and share a message of peace with the rest of the world via images posted on Facebook and Instagram.

As model Nadiia Shapoval told Vogue earlier this year, "I think we are coming back to floral themes because fashion is starting to react on wars that we are having around the globe. We need some tenderness." While Shapoval wasn't involved with this project, the imagery that the Treti Pivni team curated is nothing short of incredible. 

Check out the captivating photographs of the traditional Ukrainian headdresses below.

Are you as mesmerized by these floral headdresses as much as we are? Tell us in the comments and shop fashion-girl hair accessories.

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