I Always Shop at Nordstrom for Trendy Items—These 35 Pieces Are Doing It for Me

Trendy items at Nordstrom



Look, keeping up with the latest trends can be tough—I get it. As someone who tracks trends as a career, I can confirm that the cycle is more rampant and unpredictable than ever before. Rather than simply looking at runways, these days, trends can emerge from social media, buzzy Netflix shows, the red carpet… The list goes on and on. So this leaves shoppers with the question of where to place their attention. The answer? Nordstrom. It has become the go-to destination for trendy items that fit the look and the budget. 

Whether you prefer to shop in person or online, Nordstrom undoubtedly has you covered. It's known for carrying the best brands that continuously keep up with the latest trends while putting a cool-girl spin on each piece. Because of its endless assortment, Nordstrom is the perfect destination to shop for your next vacation look, work-from-home attire, or an outfit for your best friend's wedding. The retailer really does it all. But it certainly can be a lot to navigate. Lucky for you, I've broken down the trendiest pieces by category so you can seamlessly shop for whatever it is that's on your list this season.

The Trendiest Tops

Wear this with leather pants and pretty earrings for date night.

Anything-But-Basic Bottoms

Dreamy Dresses

Style this with sneakers or knee-high boots.

Everyone is obsessed with this dress lately. 

All About Accessories

Transeasonal Outerwear Options

Okay, I'll be living in this until further notice.